I bought some Ensure, and the label specifically stated it can’t be sold in Vietnam or Mexico…why?

I bought some Ensure, and the label specifically stated it can’t be sold in Vietnam or Mexico…why?

I googled a bit and Abbott (the manufacturer of Ensure) seems to actually have offices in Vietnam, so why won’t they ship their product there? And Mexico seems an odd specific country to exclude as well. Is there a specific import ban in those countries on certain ingredients in Ensure or something?

edit: The package that caused me to ask this question.


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  • Pete

    I was curious about this as well. One of my kids just read the Ensure label and we’re trying to figure out what those two specific countries may have in common that they are singled out like that. Let me know if you find out.

  • Bob

    I wish to know the same thing.

  • Alexis

    I called them at 800-986-8501
    They told me they have specific products sold in those countries that are packaged and labeled according to those countries guide lines but…. When I asked what where the names of those products so i could look up the difference in ingredients they claimed they we’re unable to access that info that I would have to call the offices in those countries… :/

  • Embrace101

    Hmmm… good question. Is it because Milk consumption per capita in Vietnam and Mexico is still low in comparison to the rest of Asia and Central America? Is it because they make nothing by sending these products to these two countries?
    Or, is it because of their offices being in those countries, the native people who see what they put in the Ensure, would dare drink its contents? I dont know and dont want to judge and speculate, but who can help not ask questions when it is in bold writing on their bottles that they do not sell to Vietnamese and Mexicans. Is it a discrimination thing, they hiding something, or a money making thing?

  • noone

    it’s because of the extremely dangerous trade of milk products on the black market in 3rd world countries. Much like a pack of cigarettes in the US, milk products must have a special stamp (tax) to ensure they are real, and safe. (not watered down lead paint from china). Yes there is also some politics, only one company can distribute milk and so on. Rather then pay to have every bottle stamped, only ones sold in those countries have the stamp with the country of origin ect. Just in the first 4 months of 2013 the Vietnamese government seized more than 10,700 cans of smuggled Ensure milk products who’s origins are questionable at best.

  • Anh

    I come from Vietnam and recently I come to the grocery next to my house to buy some milk. I saw 2 kind of Ensure bottles, one with label like above and other without that. The owner told me that the one with label (not to be sold in Vietnam and Mexico) is kind of smuggling from US and the other is official imported by Abbott (through another company) and that the quality is the same but the price is different (of course the smuggling is cheaper).
    So I think the reason for the label is commercial only but why is it only Vietnam and Mexico? Maybe it is the countries with most smuggling potential.

  • Chu Adam

    I have family in Vietnam. The Ensure sold there is of lesser quality than what is produced for US consumption. The US product is sent to undernourished babies in Vietnamese orphanages and it outperforms the one sold in Vietnam both in weight gain and nutrition. I would assume (and I have no proof) the Vietnamese product does not follow the stringent guidelines of the United States Food and Drug Administration. It’s not just Ensure. We find this to be the case in many items sold in Vietnam that come from China and elsewhere.

  • Mirage

    Most of it sounds like speculation, where are the concrete facts!? Ah!!!